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Doors and Windows (for sale and installation)

Knowlton Aluminum has all the in-house know-how to take care of every detail.

All of our technical staff and tradesmen have first hand on-site experience with windows and doors.  From taking measurements, to spotting details that make for touchy installations to the finishing touches, our expertise makes for your successful purchase and installation.  

Regardless of the material (PVC, Aluminum, Wood or a combination of the three) we have the knowledge to proceed with confidence.   That`s because our installations are performed by our own people.  This means we can trace the quality of the work with precision.  As the saying goes: “If you want something done right, do it yourself!”


Our products meet the highest energy and performance standards:


Fenplast (Windows, Entry Doors, Patio Doors)

Elite (Windows, Entry Doors, Patio Doors)

Lepage (Windows, Entry Doors, Patio Doors)

Dimensions (Entry Doors)

Garrex (Garage Doors)

Garraga (Garage Doors)

Hardware (Large selection of brands and models)

Guarantees offered vary according to product line


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